Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleepless in SEATTLE!!

All dressed up for a fancy dinner by the waters edge, with the view of the Seattle Skyline! It was absolutely GORGEOUS!! It was the funnest thing in the entire world!!

I finally got to experience Pike's Place Market, it does exsist, its not just in the movies!! Plus those fishies are really heavy!

The famous gum wall, only one word could describe this: DISGUSTING! But I contributed my share!

This is Chase's parent's we dropped them off early early in the morning so that they could catch a ferry to Canada! Let me remind you, it was early!

Look how beautiful it was down at the dock's the sunset made an amazing view sparkle!

Back in February (I know I need to update this thing more often!) I went to Seattle with a friend of mine to doggie sit for his parents while they spent a romantic weekend in Canada! From the second the plane hit the ground we were moving non-stop! I fell in love with Seattle and I hope to go back soon! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I had the time of my life!


Courtney and Bridger said...

this looks like so much fun shi!