Thursday, October 9, 2008


Dealing with me is like dealing with a DEATH SENTENCE!

One thing I have learned in life - NEVER tick Hayden off!! What started out as playful fun, turned in to me running for my life! I was screaming bloody murder around our apt. complex, I even took a detour down through the underground garage over to my buddy's house. I was looking for one of the boys to save me! Then it hit me, I needed protection! There is no way Hayden could get through some Lacrosse gear! Watch out Hayden - HERE I COME!


On Saturday, I had a group date up to the girls BYU soccer game! They played University of Utah and don't worry our girls kicked their TRASH! Although it was FREEZING, and I was almost turned into a popsicle - it was a BLAST!

Hippie and Hobbit NIGHT!

What an adventure! So this weekend a group of us decided to head up to salt lake to find some fun! We wanted to experience a vegan restaurant! It was super fun, you decide how much you want to pay for your meal, if you cant pay you can do the dishes for an hour! How awesome is that! After our meal, we went to a Chocolate Factory that was ran by midgets! It was great, they were so friendly and I filled up on the good stuff - chocolate covered cinnamon bears! The night rolled on and the laughter never stopped!

Yes I did eat this, all I have to say is thank goodness for the chocolate factory!

This is my friend De-Wayne!! Good times!

Group Love!

Preparing my self to take the first big bite of our crazy meal!

Man I loved this place! The chocolate was AMAZING!

This is the life for me!!

Brownies . . . . Sort Of!!

My buddy Parley Vernon asked me out on a date. Of course I knew it would be a good time, and I was right. We went four wheeling and then we went back to a HUGE cabin for games and a movie! The cabin was owned by our friend's dad who started Stephens Hot Chocolate company! Parley and I thought it would be fun to make brownies to go along with our delicious Hot Coco! But let's just say that that was a bad idea, a very bad idea!

This boy is a SWEETHEART!

This is our masterpiece!

One word - YUMMY!

Let me explain - we searched and searched the cabin for an egg which the recipe called for. We had no luck there was no egg to be found. It was only one, so we didn't think it was that importat. Boy were we wrong! Our brownies turned out to be a disaster! Shi needs come lesson's in cooking! HELP!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are you SCARED yet?

Well one weekend night a week, Hayden and I have a date night - just us, just girls, just fun! WE went up to Ogden to hit up two scary haunted houses! Our first stop was to get some grub - sounds easy right? Not exactly! Ogden is pretty much GHETTO! But we managed to find a quaint little restaurant called The Stage Coach, what an adventure that was!

I love this girl more than anything!

We made a new friend, he became my new boyfriend - his name is Bucky! I know I am standing funny, I had to pee really bad!

Don't ask!

The food was actually AMAZING! Everyone in the joint was regulars so it was neat to see them all interact like they were family!

Is it a boy, is it a girl? We don't really know, and I was to sacred to ask!

Hayden's new love, yes he is exactly what she has been looking for! Tall, Dark, and CREEPY!

Please don't eat me, please don't eat me!

I don't know . . . .

Probably not our last time behind bars . . . we get ourselves into come major pickles!

We know how to make friends with the right people! This is Adam a security guard, we got in for FREE!! That is my favorite word! (Thanks Adam)

We know we are GANGSTA! You don't need to tell us!

I am weird - I do crazy things, we all know that! If you didn't know that, you will find out soon enough!