Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are you SCARED yet?

Well one weekend night a week, Hayden and I have a date night - just us, just girls, just fun! WE went up to Ogden to hit up two scary haunted houses! Our first stop was to get some grub - sounds easy right? Not exactly! Ogden is pretty much GHETTO! But we managed to find a quaint little restaurant called The Stage Coach, what an adventure that was!

I love this girl more than anything!

We made a new friend, he became my new boyfriend - his name is Bucky! I know I am standing funny, I had to pee really bad!

Don't ask!

The food was actually AMAZING! Everyone in the joint was regulars so it was neat to see them all interact like they were family!

Is it a boy, is it a girl? We don't really know, and I was to sacred to ask!

Hayden's new love, yes he is exactly what she has been looking for! Tall, Dark, and CREEPY!

Please don't eat me, please don't eat me!

I don't know . . . .

Probably not our last time behind bars . . . we get ourselves into come major pickles!

We know how to make friends with the right people! This is Adam a security guard, we got in for FREE!! That is my favorite word! (Thanks Adam)

We know we are GANGSTA! You don't need to tell us!

I am weird - I do crazy things, we all know that! If you didn't know that, you will find out soon enough!