Monday, July 20, 2009

No longer a TEEN!

We had a wonderful Sunday dinner to celebrate with my parents, sisters, and grandparents!

I had a great lunch with some close friends!

And of course Mikey took me out on my real Birthday! We reenacted our first date, I absolutely loved it!

It was my Birthday this past weekend! I am now 20, I believe Mikey likes the sound of that better! (: I had a wonderful Birthday, and I felt very very loved!! My favorite present came from my Sweetheart of course - he gave me a new set of scriptures with "Mrs. Shiann Hancock" engraved along with a cute scripture case. It was a good feeling to read my new name on them! I am so grateful for the past year and where it has led me, I look forward to this next year as well - I believe it will be one of the best!! Thank you to everyone for their caring words on my Birthday!! XOXO


Susan said...

God bless! What a fine week it appears- It's wonderful to see the pictures of your birthday- you're right about it being a good year. One of the very best parts of the year for me is having you in Mike's (and OUR) lives.

I am so very grateful that you have made Mike so happy- it reminds me of one of Boyd K Packer's favorite sermons called "The Great Plan of Happiness" because that is what this life is supposed to be! I love you, Shi!

Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie said...

Hey Mr and Mrs Mike Hancock!
You two look mighty happy. Enjoy every minute of it!
Lisa...aka Mike's favorite cousin